Reintegration, Type, and Transition
Need help finding your bearing during your reintegration journey?
Explore how your unique personality style affects your approach to reintegration.
Introduction to Type® and Reintegration was written to offer service members support as they reacclimate to home after an extended deployment experience.  The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® can offer you and your significant others insights into the reintegration process and help bring clarity as you work to make sense of your new life picture.
Check out this helpful book written by Elizabeth Hirsh, Katherine Hirsh, and James Peak.
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This booklet will be helpful for:
  • Active Duty Military, Reserves, and National Guard
  • Veterans
  • Families, friends, neighbors, and colleagues
  • Professionals and community advocates
  • Federal civilian employees, diplomats, and aid workers
  • Nongovernmental (NGO) workers
  • Emergency and medical services personnel
  • Embedded journalists
  • Anyone experiencing a major life transition